12 March, 2011

Preschool Consultant

How to set up a Preschool

The first important thing for establishing any business is investment. Estimating how much it would cost for the complete set-up of school in your area is a tedious task. You get an idea about these calculations after you read this book completely. You can contact a person already running a play school in your city for getting a rough idea.

Permissions to start up a preschool

Many people aspiring to start a preschool are worried about the legal permissions and conditions involved in setting up a preschool. Here’s the good news for all of them!
In India there are no rules and regulations for starting a play school, preschool or a day care center. So if you feel capable of setting a good play school, then there are no legal issues you have to face.

Define your school 

The first step after you set your budget is to define your preschool.

Most of the play schools in India have the following courses: Play group, Nursery,


Depending on your budget and space you can include Day care program and After-school care program.

For making maximum utilization of resources, play school owners today conduct other events like tuitions, drawing, painting, Music, Dance and other extra-curricular activities for elder children as well. Keeping the above factors in mind, list the different courses you would like to offer.
Name your school

Choose a unique and attractive name for your school. Remember that, the name is the first thing a parent notices in your play school. You can get this name registered. You can then choose a good logo that goes well with your name and concept of school.

Necessary skills

Play school or day care business does not officially demand any qualification. It would anyhow prove useful if you undergo Nursery teacher training / Montessori Teacher training / Pre-primary teacher training / Early childhood care training. You can also work as a teacher in a good play school for a short span to have a complete insight about preprimary education.

Preschool Budget 

Setting your budget is the most important step in starting any business. Your money
should accommodate the following necessities. Though this list is not complete, it gives
an overall idea about the minimum requirements.

  • Location and building cost (Lease / Rent)
  • Play school set up cost (includes indoor, outdoor and other equipment)
  • Curriculum
  • Paper Work for office purpose like, receipts, fees, forms, report cards.
  • Teachers’ training and staff salaries
  • Marketing / Promotion costs
  • Transport facility
  • Web development costs
  • Do keep a good margin between the money you want to spend on setting up a preschool and the money you can invest (the former being lesser). This is because you can never predict when indispensable expenses turn up.
Setting your preschool fees

Your play school fee has to be competitive. Conduct a small survey by visiting few schools in your area.
Observe the community around your school. You can have an estimate about the affordability of parents towards the preschool education.

For example if you are going to set up the school in a posh locality, you can build a high quality preschool (if your budget permits). Parents will be willing to pay good amount of fees for sending their kids to a preschool maintaining good standards.

Options for Setting up play school

Many play schools have come up in recent times. The different ways adapted by people to start a play school are:

1) Choosing a Preschool / Play school Franchisor. There are as many as 100 franchisors offering their brand name and support to those who want to start a play school in India. But the benefits of going for a franchisor is not, what the Franchisors generally communicate to prospective franchisees. To confirm this you may pay a visit to one of franchised preschools and talk to the owners and be clarified. Click here to get the full clarity regarding franchise offerings from preschool franchisors.

2) Play school Consultancy. There are many play school consultants available, who can help you in setting up your preschool with your own brand name. They provide guidance about location, equipment, curriculum and promotion and offer support for a limited time of agreement.

Please click here to know how consultants can help you in setting up your preschool and turns into a one stop solution for all your preschool needs.

3) Consulting a play school owner: You can get good guidance from a friend or relative who has a successful running play school. They can advise you on budget, costs incurred, safety measures, teacher recruitment and many others. Be sure that you get continuous support from them.


An ideal location for a play school would be a place in a residential area with ample space outside filled with greenery. Usually play schools require a minimum area of 900 sq. ft to no actual upper limit. An independent house, duplex house, a full fledged building will all prove to be a good location for setting up a playschool.
Commercial and traffic filled areas should never be opted for preschools. A serene and natural environment around the school would be a boon.

If you prefer to take a franchise of a preschool franchisor, there would be minimum area requirement suggested by them. Also they will offer good guidance about structuring your empty space into rooms.
Here’s a quick list for your reference which will help you in planning your layout.

  • Reception
  • Class rooms
  • Nap room
  • Audio Visual room
  • Activity Room
  • Ball room / Play room
  • Dining room

  • Swimming pool
  • Garden
  • Assembly
  • Play area for see-saw, slide

Play School Infrastructure

Ambience attracts parents to join their kids in your preschool. Make your play school colorful and buy as many toys as you can.

Play is the most interesting thing for any child. The preschool owners have to take utmost care in choosing the play equipment. Play and learning equipment at your preschool increase the scope of admissions in your school.

Safety being first, your play school equipment should serve the following purposes

  • Entertainment
  • Learning through play
  • Health and exercise
  • Increase the ambience of your school

Here is a brief list of the things you need for setting up a good quality modern preschool.

School Furniture : 
Plastics molded or Wooden tables, chairs and desks, Reception table,
Chair, furniture for staff. Dining table

Play equipments :
Slide, Rockers, Cycles, Ball rooms, Play stations, Play houses, Sand
pit, Gym

Equipment for activity room: 
Spindle boxes, Puzzles, Blocks, Alphabets, Towers

Play school Interiors :
Wall Paintings, Wall hangings, Book rack and books (usually
placed at the reception)

Miscellaneous :
Stationery items, Uniforms, bags, Projector, Interactive CDs

Play school Curriculum

Curriculum is the back bone for a preschool. The quality of curriculum offered in your school will lift the standards of your school to great heights.

The modern preschool education believes in stress-free learning. Today children are not
forced to learn, but, encouraged to play and they learn in that process. Much research has
been carried out and many theories have been developed for educating children from 0-
6yrs. The following methods are being adopted in different schools in India.

Montessori Method: 

The Montessori Method is an educating approach for children based on the research and experiences of Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori (1870–1952). It arose in the process of her experimental observation of young children given freedom in an environment, leading her to believe by 1907 that she had discovered "the child's true normal nature." [1]
Based on her observations, she created an environment prepared with materials designed for their self-directed learning activity.
If your preschool is going to be Montessori based , you have to buy Montessori material like practical life material, sensorial materials, spindle boxes, metal insets etc.,

Reggio Emilia Approach: 

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It was started by Loris Malaguzzi and the parents of the villages around Reggio Emilia in Italy after World War II. The destruction from the war, parents believed, necessitated a new, quick approach to teaching their children. They felt that it is in the early years of development that children are forming who they are as an individual. This led to creation of a program based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children through a self-guided curriculum. The Reggio Emilia approach to teaching young children puts the natural development of children as well as the close relationships that they share with their environment at the center of its philosophy. Parents are a vital component to the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. Teachers respect parents as each child's first teacher and involve parents in every aspect of the curriculum. It is not uncommon to see parents volunteering within Reggio Emilia classrooms throughout the school. This philosophy does not end when the child leaves the classroom. Most parents who choose to send their children to a Reggio Emilia
program incorporate many of the principles within their parenting and home life.

Waldorf Kindergarten:

Waldorf education (also known as Steiner or Steiner- Waldorf education) is a humanistic approach to pedagogy based upon the educational philosophy of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steine. The approach emphasizes the role of the imagination in learning, developing thinking that includes a creative as well as an analytic component. Waldorf schools approach learning in early childhood through imitation and example. Extensive time is given for guided free play in a classroom environment that is homelike, includes natural materials and provides examples of productive work in which children can take part. The education emphasizes early experiences of daily, weekly and annual rhythms, including seasonal festivals drawn from a variety of traditions.There are no worksheets, posters, or calendars hanging on the walls. No books, no computers. The toys in the classroom are simple and made from natural materials

You can choose any method or a combination of the above as a basis of your curriculum. Ample material is available on internet for your reference. However it is a tedious work to frame good curriculum. You should again search for books to match the curriculum.

Preschool Curriculum availability:

  • There are many consultants that offer framed curriculum to play schools. You can get one copy for your school.
  • Some Play school consultants develop curriculum for you based on your requirement.
  • If you are an experienced teacher, you will have idea about the good publications offering books for pre-primary children. You can start with these books also.

Forms, Receipts and Paper work
You will be in need of a number of receipts

Enquiry form : 
This form is given to the parents who arrive for the first time at your school. It includes columns for knowing about their personal information. This will be used later for making follow up calls

Admission form / Enrollment form: 
This is a form required to be filled by parents at the time of admission.

TC form: 
This form is given to the students who are moving out of the school in the middle of the course

Feedback form: 
You can give this form to parents during parent-teacher meetings and receive their valuable feedback

Fees collection receipts: 
These are to be given to the parents after fee payment.

A diary is the most important book to be printed for pre-primary students. It has to be filled everyday by the teacher to make the parents aware of the happenings at school. It is also used to intimate parents abut their kid’s performance.

Report Cards / assessment cards: 
Report cards must include many columns for tracking the complete performance of student. Grading system is usually followed in many pre-primary schools.

Play school Web Development

Why is it necessary to have a website for your play school?

  • It allows parents to get an idea about your school even before visiting it.
  • You can update parents about events and celebrations coming up in your school. 
  • You can upload latest photographs of celebrations. Parents love seeing their kids’ pics online and send the link to many of their friends giving free publicity for your school.
  • With good optimization of your school website, your school can be seen in search results when parents are searching for preschool for their kids


When a website looks great, it sends the impression that the company or product is great. Keep in mind that your website may be your first chance to make an impression upon your site visitors, so make it a great one!


Have you ever been to a website and didn’t know where to start or how to check out? While structuring or restructuring your website, be sure that your visitors can easily navigate through your website. A confused consumer may easily say no to your service or product.


Content is King! More over, it is the heart of your website. The first purpose of a blog or website is to educate and build expertise. A really great site offers content in the following forms: written articles, audio and video. This is a great way to meet the learning preferences of your site visitors.


It is a marketing tool that allows any online user to get more clicks in their web copy writing efforts for their website by improving the search engine results in the Web. Moreover, make sure that search engines can read your website. This is a great way to attract website visitors from major search engines such as google


Your website needs to be maintained the same way that we maintain our physical building. Content needs to be changed, design needs to be updated and items may need to be moved around. I suggest that a website be reviewed 2-3 times a week to track visitors with a scheduled monthly maintenance plan that includes: website visitors feedback

Choosing Staff

The success of your preschool depends on the people running it. Teachers and supporting staff represent your preschool to parents.

The staffs you may require are listed below

  1. Receptionist cum counselor
  2. Teachers and assistant teachers, depending on the number of students
  3. Security guard
  4. Driver, if you have transport
  5. Staff for evening classes.

Any person in your school should be lovable to kids. They should be patient and should not chide the kids for no reason.

The qualities that should be preferred in teachers and Attendees are

  1. Passion for being with kids
  2. Patience
  3. Sense of humor

Educational qualifications: 

The basic requirements in India for a preschool teacher are listed below.

Teacher : 
Minimum Degree with Experience in handling pre-primary kids. Prefer
candidates with pre-primary / Montessori training certificate

Assistant teacher : 
Minimum 12 th and should have undergone PPT

It is usually seen that kids get along well with ayyahas more than teachers. See to it that you get really child-friendly attendees

Some ways to impress parents

  • Keep the updates about their child’s performance by writing diary regularly and maintaining assessment cards for all the students.
  • Conduct events like sports day, annual day, nutrition day, arts and crafts exhibition and other events which include parents’ participation Grandparents day is another event which is conducted in some schools.
  • Celebrate special events like festivals, fancy dress where children get ready with parental participation.
  • Prepare ‘take-away’ activities for kids Conduct parents’ orientation classes where parents get a know how about positive parenting
  • Regular online update about the events is a good way of keeping parents updated
  • about various celebrations at school. Their links will be forwarded to their friends
  • and neighbors and a good publicity for the school is gained.
  • Conduct parent-teachers meetings at least once in a month where student’s
  • progress can be reported.
  • Conduct regular health check-ups for students
  • Make a child psychologist available for parents to discuss everyday problems they face with their kids and help them resolve such issues.
  • Care well for the kids by giving individual attention


Ways to promote your school

  • No parking boards- apartments, independent houses
  • Cloth banners – at least 5 banners in the street leading to your school, at crossroads, parks. kids toy shops
  • Online promotion (using internet)
  • Local TV channels
  • Newspapers
  • Conducting events
  • Flex banners
  • Uniforms & School bags
  • Name on transport vehicle
  • Clippings in Cinema halls

Mouth to mouth publicity is still the first and best kind of reliable one believed by many parents. Hence the performance of your school throughout the year leads to creating good impression to parents who give the best publicity to their neighbors and friends However good the above ways of publicity are followed, if you fail to impress the parents of existing students, they can easily spoil the reputation of your school. Parents can prove to be the best way to promote your school. Offer some incentive like concession if they recommend another parent to join their kid in your school

Starting your own play school will give freedom to work in your own special way, At the same time, it also lays a burden of responsibility towards the society. After all you are building the foundation of its future citizens. Any effort will turn fruitful when done with honesty and passion. Running a play school is no different. It is not only a profitable business opportunity, but also a great service to society.
Selecting the proper location, equipment and teachers is the essential step towards setting up and running a successful play school which will turn a boon for all the parents looking for a second home for their kids.
It is always fun to see children grow. They have so many things in store for us to learn. Their innocence, constant effort towards any task they perform, the unconditional love they show towards you are just some of them. If you observe your play school kids well, there is definitely something you learn from them at the end of the day. Remember that care is the most important thing kids need more than anything else.

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