12 March, 2011

Preschool Franchise, Preschool Consultant

Pre-School or Pre-Primary covers methodologies followed by play-schools, kindergarten or Montessori based schools. The education is for school going children between 2 years to 6 years of age.

This period is the most crucial in a child's social, psychological, intellectual and emotional development. Being the most formative years of a child it needs the utmost attention and care for its proper nurturing and growth. This 'proper' education is the most priceless gift which parents can give to their children. It is not an expensive education but a scientific and value based educational procedure focusing on the development of all the faculties of a child to their maximum. With such an education, a child, on becoming an adult, can effortlessly scale the highest of peaks and delve to the deepest of ocean beds in his journey through life. Like the stream engine, which runs on only 17% of the energy it generates, an adult only develops and achieves to only 37% to 41% of his ability if he is not given an opportunity to absorb knowledge through a scientifically based and graded system of education, that is, a 'proper' education from 2 years to 8 years of age.

A 'proper' education is not any sort of education imparted in most of our play-schools, nursery and kindergarten schools and the so called Montessori schools (which only use the name of Montessori for publicity) which are prevalent and popular all over our country. A 'proper' education is a child-centric, scientifically graded learning curve for each child monitored by specially trained teachers who are in tune with the psychological and other requirements of each child. Through it a rock solid foundation is laid for the child on which, during their life, he/she can effortlessly build and fulfil their dreams with confidence and ability.

India's Need for Pre-Schools 

India's population is of over a billion people and the demand for good pre-schools and schools are predominant in the minds of all parents of school - going children..

Parents Wish:

All parents wish to give the best educational opportunities to their children. From the age of 2 to 3 years a child starts going to school and he remains a school-going child till the age of 18 years. To reduce their stress, all parents wish to send their children to schools which cater from pre-school to high school (Class XII) or at least till Class - X. That is, a single school for the age group from 2 years to 18 years or at least 16 years. Unfortunately such schools are extremely few in number.

All pre-schools would run to capacity irrespective of whether they are :-

1. Expensive pre-schools with the latest amenities concentrating on well-to-do parents.
2. Budget pre-schools concentrating on middle income parents.
3. Basic pre-schools concentrating on lower income and mixed income parents.

Prior to starting one's own pre-school, one must ensure that one has a ready source of trained teachers to sustain the reputation of one's pre-school for years to come.

Restructuring of existing pre-schools is a much neglected area. 

When a pre-school starts losing students, when complaints from parents increase, when teachers look uninvolved and lethargic in class and the school's activities become dreary and routine, when children are not keen to come to school or look bored and are inattentive when they do, then one knows that the school is on the decline and requires restructuring. Most owners of such schools cannot diagnose the ailments properly and try their own remedies, often unfortunately, with drastic results. At the slightest indication of a school's decline, a proper diagnosis and immediate remedy is essential for the revival of the school. 

To stem the decline, the school must employ an expert in restructuring to revamp the school. The expert's initial step would be to properly diagnose all the problems of the ailing school and then subsequently to cure the school of all its ailments. By doing so a new life and zest would rush into the limp and ailing school like a breath of fresh air. The children would look forward to coming to school and enjoy their time spent there more than their time spent at home and the teachers would become more dynamic and creative in their teaching. The whole ambience of the school would become vibrant, purposeful and happy. It would, in fact, become a totally new school, a quality school.

It is always advisable to restructure an old school from time to time to breathe in new ideas and methodologies in teaching which are prevalent internationally in all quality schools.

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