25 July, 2011

Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services Competitive Examination 2011 Examination Scheme and Syllabus New

Syllabus / Scheme (RJS Rules 2010) for Examination for Direct Recruitment to the Cadre of District judge (Year 2011)
Limited Competitive Examination of Judicial Officers for promotion to the cadre of District Judge (Year 2011)
Paper 1st : Law Paper (1) –
Duration – Three Hours
Maximum Marks – 100
Pass Marks – 45

Constitution of India
Civil Procedure Code
Law of Contract and Partnership
Law of Torts and Easements
Law of Motor Accident Claims
Law of Arbitration and Conciliation
Rent Control Law and Revenue Laws in Rajasthan
Law of Specific Relief
Hindu Law
Muslim Law
Law of Transfer of Property
Law of Limitation
Law relating to Lok Adalats and Permanent Lok Adalats
Law related to Domestic Violence
General Rules (Civil)
Rajasthan Court Fees and Suits Violation Act
Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Act
Rajasthan Municipalities Act
Law relating to Environment in India
Law relating to Intellectual Property Rights

Paper 2nd  : Law Paper (2) –
Duration – Three Hours
Maximum Marks – 100
Pass Marks – 45

Criminal Procedure Code
Law of Evidence
Indian Penal Code
Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances
Criminal Law related to protection of SC/STs
Law on Juvenile Delinquency
Law of Probation
Law relating to dishonor of cheques
Law related to Electricity Theft
Law related to Cyber Crimes
General Rules (Criminal)
Law relating to Prevention of Corruption
Judgement writing and Land mark Judgements of Supreme Court of India

Paper 3rd  : Language
Duration – Two Hours
Maximum Marks – 50
Pass Marks – 18

The paper in Language shall consist of two parts –
I – Translation from Hindi to English and Vice Versa
II – Precis writing in English and Hindi

Interview / Viva voce –
Maximum Marks – 30
(For Direct Recruitment only) Pass Marks : 7 ½

Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services Competitive Examination  2011 Examination Scheme and Syllabus New 

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